Poured Concrete Stairs To Last A Lifetime

Thinking of redoing your stairs and trying to figure out the best material to use? Hand-e-Workz’s poured concrete is the best choice if you’re looking for a staircase that will last a lifetime. With poured concrete stairs we can ensure your stairs will be able to withstand the harsh Ottawa winters and high amounts of foot traffic. This will save you both time and money down the road.

Ottawa poured concrete is a great choice when redoing your stairs, whether it be for outdoor residential stairs or commercial stairs that are inside or outside. Most structures – home or business – can benefit from concrete stairs, as these are exposed to harsh weather, or high foot traffic. From our notorious Ottawa winters to heavy office foot traffic, we recommend poured concrete for your stairs, as it can withstand it all. Contact us today for a free quote and information on the right type of stairs for your needs.

Retaining Walls – The Perfect Addition

Retaining walls are used to hold soil in place, which can be necessary if your home is on a slope or hillside. With Hand-e-Workz’s poured concrete retaining walls you can create a retaining wall that not only secures your home’s structure but also enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Retaining walls can be used as planters, which can be filled with a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. These give your home the look and feel of a lush oasis. Our retaining walls will increase the amount of usable space that your family and friends can use, as what was once a slope is now flat land. If you’re looking for a retaining wall contact Hand-e-Workz to enquire about a sturdy, long-lasting concrete and stone retaining wall.

Ryan’s quotes are always realistic and he sticks to them, and aesthetically he has an excellent eye to style and function. Not only does he get the job done, and beautifully, he’s the kind of guy I’m happy to sit and have a coffee with.

Evana Chesler

Revamp Your Ottawa Garage Floor With Poured Concrete

Are your current garage floors cracked? Old? Worn out? Hand-e-Workz has the perfect solution. With our poured-concrete garage flooring you can have your garage floors looking like new for years to come. Our Ottawa garage flooring team takes care of every detail, from coordinating your free estimate, to ensuring your garage floors are in perfect condition once the project is completed. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and customer satisfaction, ensuring customers receive a finished product that exceeds expectations.

Our poured-concrete garage floors are a great choice from a durability standpoint, as they are built to last for many years. From melted snow falling from your car to your kid’s mountain of toys, our concrete floors can withstand it all. With Hand-e-Workz’s Ottawa concrete flooring you can ensure your garage floor will last for years to come, saving you both time and money. Contact our team to get a quote on revamping your garage floor today.

Breathtaking, Weather-Resistant Walkways

Similar to stairs, walkways are a high traffic area of the home. Your outdoor walkways are exposed to the elements, including the harsh Ottawa winters. When deciding what material to use for your outdoor walkways, you will want to consider a material that is durable and weather resistant. However, you also want a material that will look nice and accent your home. This is where Ottawa poured concrete or stamped concrete walkways are the perfect choice.

Hand-e-Workz’s poured concrete walkways are a perfect addition to any home or existing walkway, as they are both stunning and sturdy. Concrete can withstand the outdoor elements and a high volume of foot traffic, all while remaining an attractive element of your property’s landscape. Contact us today to see our poured or stamped concrete walkway options and find out what suites your tastes.