Basement Renovations In Ottawa

Our expert team of Ottawa basement renovations designers will help you through every step of your basement reno project to maximize every inch of your home. No matter what it is you’d like to do with your basement, we’re ready to listen and find the perfect solution. Let’s cover that cold, hard foundation with some beautiful new flooring; picture soft, lush carpet that the kids will love to play on. Finish the basement by adding drywall. Choose the perfect shade of paint with our experienced painting companies to brighten up the space that once felt like four dark and dingy walls.

Select subtle details that go a long way, like crown moulding along the ceilings and/or railings down the staircase, for a refined look that helps your guests feel at home. Basement renovations in Ottawa are the perfect way to extend the ambience of the rest of your home, downstairs for all to enjoy. Contact the Hand-e-Workz team today and transform your basement into a comfortable and welcoming space.


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Our team can help finish your basement, creating a new, useable space in our home.


The Benefits Of Basement Finishing

Consider yourself lucky to live in Ottawa, where basements have always been a standard element to incorporate into home builds, yet rarely are finished when sold. This is your blank canvas to create finished basement with abundant new living possibilities. We want to help you make the most out of your basement, not to mention increase your resale value!

Basement finishing doesn’t stop with drywall installation and flooring, though. Imagine a media room, filled with comfy lounge seating, dimming lights and a projection screen beside a custom wet bar for refreshments. Or create a second living room, maybe even a wine cellar, a personal gym, your very own office, a children’s playroom full of toys, man cave, a comfortable room for guests – the list goes on, and the options for customizing your Ottawa basement renovations really are endless.