Snow Plowing and Removal Services

Winter is coming! Don’t let it leave you stranded among heaps of snow. Say goodbye to the endless shoveling and the frustration of being grounded. Get in touch with the commercial snow plowing and removal experts in Ottawa Area and turn snow woes into great times!

Take advantage of our affordable and dependable services from St Laurent to Carp and let our skilled crews clear the way for you in a professional and prompt way.

Snow May Look Spectacular, but…

Everything looks cool and magical when covered in white snow. But living amidst heavy snow is a different story. Removing snow from commercial parking lots and driveways, is a major concern for Ottawa residents and businesses, unless you have you have HandeWorkz working for you!

Our proactive, prompt, and reliable services have helped hundred of Ottawa businesses maintain winter convenience for their customers for the last 10 years by ensuring ample room for parking and sidewalks that will not lead to slip and fall accidents.

All Snow Removal Service Under One Roof

We can do shoveling, plowing and removal from public and commercial walkways, driveways, and parking lots. We also offer daily site monitoring and regular schedules for churches, stores, schools, sports clubs, offices, etc. Our skilled labor specializes in managing heavy winter rain and snowfalls. They can work under severe weather conditions to sand and salt freezing rain, ensuring customers’ safety.

Hiring us can rid you of all your snow removal headaches.

Modern Snow Removal Materials, Equipment, and Techniques

The time and cost of snow plowing and removal depends upon the kind of equipment, labor, and techniques used. HandeWorkz uses the latest and most suitable snow removing machinery including loaders, bobcats, snow trucks salters, plows, sidewalk machines, and backhoes. We can use environmentally friendly, non-corrosive ice melts and other materials as the situation may necessitate.

We remove the heavy ice chunks as well as powdery snow with efficiency within the least amount of time. Thus, your driveway or parking is usable without any prolonged interruptions, within the most reasonable cost.

How It Works

When you call us before winter, we visit your home or office area and conduct a quick survey. The purpose is to identify the clearing areas where the snow can accumulate, along with any obstacles or hazards, and mark the dumping area where the plowed snow will be piled. We also take a note if the cleared snow has to be hauled away to a distant location. The survey makes sure that nothing gets damaged and there are no snags when we start the actual plowing and removal.

After the survey, we quote you the best prices in the area considering the quality of the services. You can call us anytime you feel you’re likely to be stranded. But if you have engaged us in advance, our diligent, uniformed and well-behaved crews are at your doorstep whenever there’s 3cm of snow. We do not cut corners and provide quick, high quality job to the satisfaction of our clients.

Just On Time Snow Plowing and Removal Services

You don’t have to wait until the snow makes you immobile. Instead, you can engage us for the winters in advance. We anticipate heavy snows and have our clearing crews at your doorstep just on time, so that your business does not have to suffer any inconvenience. For seasonal contracts, we arrive at the site whenever 2.5 to 3 cm of snow has fallen, returning multiple times during the day if needed to clear the additional snowfall, shovel stairs and sand walkways.

If it snows late in the night or at any other time, and you haven’t booked us beforehand, our on-call services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most Reasonable Prices in Ottawa

We have a fair and transparent price policy. If you engage us for the whole season, we shall bill you on a monthly or bimonthly basis and will work with you to set out a price and payment option that suits you.

We are a trustworthy company—you may ask Ryan for the references. We have many well-known customers who have hired us permanently. We are licensed in Ottawa area and have liability insurance of up to $5 million to cover any damage or accident while working. Hiring us means you and your customers can relax.

Schedule a Free Visit

Now would be the time to prepare for winter and to have your lot surveyed and signed. Talk to us today to arrange a free, no-obligation inspection and quote.