Ottawa Fence Building

Looking for help building a new fence? Hand-e-Workz contractors are Ottawa’s fencing experts, offering top quality construction with a variety of aesthetic options.  We pride ourselves on quick but sturdy installation by expert builders.

Fences mean beauty, but they also mean security and privacy. We value all of these concerns and take them into consideration in working out a plan with you.

Fence Options

Different circumstances require different fencing materials. Whether you need a basic chain link fence to keep your pets in your yard, a wrought iron fence for classy and ornate style, or a charming classic wood fence to aesthetically define your borders, we have you covered. This includes options for a variety of beautiful gates as well.

Ryan’s quotes are always realistic and he sticks to them, and aesthetically he has an excellent eye to style and function. Not only does he get the job done, and beautifully, he’s the kind of guy I’m happy to sit and have a coffee with.

Evana Chesler

Fence Repair

Fences are, quite literally, on the front lines. They suffer the ravages of Canadian winter, inevitably wearing over time, potentially resulting in damaged spots your pets can escape from, reduced curb appeal, and other downsides.

We can refresh and rejuvenate your fences, fixing weaknesses and addressing wear until it’s good as new and built to last.

Why Hand-e-Workz

We’ve been building fences a long time and are completely confident you will be satisfied with the results of our work. As a fence company, we value quality and durability for long-lasting construction. More than anything, we want satisfied customers; our fence installation service is defined by a commitment to professionalism and reliability.

Hire us for a top quality fence at an affordable cost.