Macerating Toilets

What Are Macerating or Up-Flush Toilets and Are they Right for Your Bathroom?

Homeowners traditionally install standard toilets with proper sewage systems in their regular bathrooms. However, the combined purchase and installation cost of a standard toilet is a lot more than that of an up-flush toilet. Over the years, people have started preferring the use of up-flush toilets as an additional toilet, because of the least disruption they cause and the unique advantages they offer. If you’re going to renovate your old bathroom or build a new one, read this first.

What are Macerating or “Up-Flush” Toilets

Up-flush toilets, as opposed to a conventional toilet, do not excrete solid waste into the pipelines, so they do not need to be attached to a proper drainage system. These toilets are a combination of a toilet bowl, toilet tank, and macerating unit. The macerating unit is electrically powered and can be placed inside or outside the bathroom.

On flushing, up-flush toilets dump the waste into the macerating tank connected to the back of the toilet. The macerator breaks down all waste particles into a wieldy consistency before flushing it “upwards” into a small emission pipe. A typical macerating unit can pump the waste 10-12 feet vertically and up to 150 feet horizontally.

Up-flush toilets can be placed in any area that lacks drainage (such as a basement, farm house, beach hut, or camping ground), as it does not rely on gravity to do any of its dirty work. The toilet bowl, tank and macerating unit can cost around $1000 upfront. This may seem excessive at first glance, but is the dwarfed by the huge saving you make by avoiding underground drainage systems.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Conventional Toilets?

The fixtures and parts of up-flush toilets cost more than conventional toilets. However, the purchase alone marks the end of unnecessary expenses.

  • The installation process is very simple and less labor intensive. Less labor means less money spent on installation.
  • Up-flush toilets can be set up without the need of having entire sewage systems. This is extremely reasonable when compared to standard toilets that require proper drainage—pipes, joints, septic tanks, labor—which can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Macerating toilets are the ideal option for adding a new bath or toilet to the existing structure of your home. You can place them on any finished surface without having to cut through concrete for installing drainpipes.
  • Since there are no pipelines involved, no unanticipated plumbing issues will surface, which makes the maintenance of Macerators fairly easy and inexpensive. It is also very less likely for a Macerator to break down at all in contrast to regular toilets and piping. Also, since it is independent of drainage, issues like rusting or pipe blocks are negligible.
  • Up-flush toilets are easy on the environment as they require little or no water. Another variant of the up-flush toilet called composting toilet produces compost that can be used for fertilizing lawns and gardens.

Conclusively, up-flush toilets greatly reduce the price of building a bathroom by eliminating the cost of underground piping and drainage system. They are the cost effective alternative for below grade situations or places where a proper sewage system is not viable. The upfront investment, though expensive, is not excessive. By spending a few hundred dollars more, you can avoid spending several thousand dollars on constructing a sewage system and still enjoy a clean and hygienic living.

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